About me

I am a software engineer with a master degree in Communication Systems from EPFL, specialised in signals, images and interfaces.

I have worked remotely for a startup called OptumSoft based in the Silicon Valley for 2 years. On top of my extensive work in distributed systems design, I have elaborated the strategy to add front-end experience to the backend-based product and brought new team members in this project along the way. This move enabled the company to get in a more suitable shape to launch a product to market.

I have now joined 28msec where I am creating a new front-end from scratch by using the latest technologies. My role goes from defining the roadmap for the product to implementing it.

From a personal standpoint I enjoy working with the latest technologies in order to design new products that have the power to revolutionise an industry. I am currently working with front-end technologies but have previously have had no issues with taking on subjects such as distributed systems, programming language design or more recently, chatbots.

In the future, in order to have more impact on the projects I am working on, I would like to get closer to product ownership and product design positions. I am thus looking forward to companies which can give me a path to such a career.

I am a tolerant and social person who enjoys bonding with my team and creating a joyful environment around me. I take ownership of my projects and don’t hesitate to take on tasks that can help grow the company.


Software Engineer

2016 - present

Create from scratch and maintain the whole front-end stack using libraries and services such as react, redux, immutablejs, circleci, saucelabs…

Software Engineer

2013 - 2015

Lead the front-end strategy development as well as contribute to the distributed sytems language and framework.


2012 - present

Top 10 answerer in the d3.js tag. Overall reputation over 8000.

Founder and president

2010 - 2012

IC factulty student association, at EPFL.


I enjoy creating small projects during my spare time.

React talk about testing - The slides from a talk I did about testing in React and javascript in general, with the latest front-end tools
React tutorial - Base tutorial for a workshop I animated at the EBU devcon in Geneva about React and d3.js in front of 50 developers.
Linguobot - Winner of the Swisscom kickbox price at the Zurich startup weekend 2016. A conversational chatbot that aims at disrupting the language learning industy.
Wikipedia Philosophy game - On Wikipedia, if you click on the first link of a page, and then on the first link of the next, …, you’ll end up on Philosophy with very high chances, you can verify that with this web crawler.
Sl.ack - Receive a Slack notification when a command ran in your terminal finishes its execution.
YoDA - Receive a Yo notification when a command ran in your terminal finishes its execution.
Adopt a Fan - A proof of concept website built with a friend during a startup weekend (48h). The goal is to organize activities between fans around major sport event locations.
JavaScript fractals - A small school project to explore different kinds of fractals, in the browser.
Personal website - The source code for this website.

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript & Node.js

React & Redux




Java & Scala