Career Profile

I am a software engineer with a master degree in Communication Systems from EPFL, specialised in signals, images and interfaces.

I have worked remotely for a startup called OptumSoft based in the Silicon Valley for 2 years. On top of my extensive work in distributed systems design, I have elaborated the strategy to add front-end experience to the backend-based product and brought new team members in this project along the way. This move enabled the company to get in a more suitable shape to launch a product to market.

After having created front-end applications from scratch by using the latest technologies, I am now working with big data to solve problems in traditional industries.

From a personal standpoint I enjoy working with the latest technologies in order to design new products that have the power to revolutionise an industry. I am currently working with front-end technologies but have previously have had no issues with taking on subjects such as distributed systems, programming language design or more recently, chatbots.


Software Engineer

2017 - present

Enable traditional companies to succeed in a digital world.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017

Create from scratch and maintain the whole front-end stack using libraries and services such as react, redux, immutablejs, circleci, saucelabs…

Software Engineer

2013 - 2015

Lead the front-end strategy development as well as contribute to the distributed sytems language and framework.


2012 - present

Top 10 answerer in the d3.js tag. Overall reputation over 8000.

Founder and president

2010 - 2012

IC factulty student association, at EPFL.


I enjoy creating small projects during my spare time.

React talk about testing - The slides from a talk I did about testing in React and javascript in general, with the latest front-end tools
React tutorial - Base tutorial for a workshop I animated at the EBU devcon in Geneva about React and d3.js in front of 50 developers.
Linguobot - Winner of the Swisscom kickbox price at the Zurich startup weekend 2016. A conversational chatbot that aims at disrupting the language learning industy.
Wikipedia Philosophy game - On Wikipedia, if you click on the first link of a page, and then on the first link of the next, …, you’ll end up on Philosophy with very high chances, you can verify that with this web crawler.
Sl.ack - Receive a Slack notification when a command ran in your terminal finishes its execution.
YoDA - Receive a Yo notification when a command ran in your terminal finishes its execution.
Adopt a Fan - A proof of concept website built with a friend during a startup weekend (48h). The goal is to organize activities between fans around major sport event locations.
JavaScript fractals - A small school project to explore different kinds of fractals, in the browser.
Personal website - The source code for this website.

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript & Node.js

Java & Scala

React & Redux